The National English Spelling Competition (NESC) provides students in grades 8 to 12 with an opportunity to travel and represent themselves and their local communities proudly! This competition will provide academically aspiring students with the opportunity to meet and compete amongst their fellow peers in hopes of becoming a National English Spelling Competition Champion!

About the Competition
All public school students in grades 8 to 12, whose schools have registered, will have the opportunity to participate in the National English Spelling Competition. The competition will be held in several stages:
15 – 27 September — > Registration: schools across Georgia register for the competition
28 October – 2 November — > Local Level: competitions held in local village, town and city schools
9 – 14 December — > Regional Level: competitions in 11 regional centers
28 – 30 March — > National Level: final competition to be held in Tbilisi

Be a Winner!
If you participate in this competition, you have the chance to….

Win great prizes!
Learn new and interesting English words
Meet new people and make connections
Be featured on Facebook, Tumblr, and even national television

For information on how to register your school and participate, please visit our registration page.Follow us on Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/NESC.Georgia (ENG)
http://www.facebook.com/martlweris.konkursi (GEO)”


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